From individuals running their own small businesses to meeting potential matches online, information technology makes everything possible. It has made our globalized world smaller by creating connections among people from faraway corners. This top-ranked school boasts an excellent four-year graduation rate and a reputation for excellent teaching quality, as wellContinue Reading

New technologies have a range of effects on society. They can help society achieve its goals, such as improving human productivity. But they can also damage the environment and disrupt social hierarchies. As a result, it is necessary to evaluate the impact of technology on society to ensure that theContinue Reading

The number of technology of education deals has been steadily rising since 2010, but the first two quarters of 2014 and 2015 were outliers. Deals have averaged about 30 per quarter since 2010, and a four-quarter moving average smooths out the swings. Nevertheless, there are some key factors to considerContinue Reading

Adaptive and predictive education are two of the most important emerging technologies, and technology advisers to governments are placing a high priority on them. These technologies promise to help schools better understand and improve student learning. Personalised learning paths can motivate students and help close the achievement gap. Another emergingContinue Reading

Medical Equipment Utilized by Travelmate Robotic Suitcase Travelmate is a remote-controlled robotic suitcase which comes in three sizes. It connects to your phone via low energy Bluetooth module thus you are able to stay connected to it throughout your travel. Travelmate will follow you around, both horizontally and vertically. ThisContinue Reading

Raspberry Pi Disadvantages Compared to Other Computers Raspberry Pi is an open source board based on the xBox motherboard design. Raspberry Pi is also known as Raspberry Pi, Pimax, and Piplum. Raspberry Pi is basically a group of tiny single-board micro computers built in the United Kingdom by the RaspberryContinue Reading