The Importance of Information Technology

From individuals running their own small businesses to meeting potential matches online, information technology makes everything possible. It has made our globalized world smaller by creating connections among people from faraway corners.

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Accessibility refers to the ability for all people, including those with disabilities, to interact with technology in a way that makes sense and is usable. Considering accessibility in any digital information or device design – be it websites, software applications, phones, computers or mobile phones – should be taken seriously and implemented into any digital solution or design project.

Tech companies who fail to consider accessibility will squander an important market, so many are working harder than ever before to improve it. Facebook introduced automatic alt text in 2016, while Microsoft recently announced an adaptive controller for Xbox.

Assessing product accessibility early is the key to cost-effective results. Understanding accessibility needs during development cycles is more cost effective than trying to fix issues later. UCOP provides an online training platform with short, informative accessibility courses designed specifically for employees. When overseeing large applications or projects, local and systemwide Procurement should also discuss accessibility matters as a best practice.


Technology provides people with an avenue for connecting regardless of where they reside. These connections may take place through live video streaming, social media technologies and email communication tools.

Social media platforms enable users to create profiles, share images and posts with friends, and interact with other users on the platform. Businesses can take advantage of this interaction to reach more customers while improving customer experience.

Information technology professionals often collaborate with non-IT employees from marketing and human resources departments. Therefore, it is crucial that these professionals can convey the value of new innovations or threats clearly so that all employees understand them; otherwise they risk missing out on vital projects that could bring mutual gains for both sides.


As our world becomes more globalized, information technology has become an ever-increasingly crucial resource. It serves to connect people from different corners of the world and enable businesses to expand and prosper; additionally, it improves communication and makes working together simpler than ever.

Information technology is vitally important for developing countries as it allows them to join the global economy and help combat poverty. One such project, the OLPC project in 2008, intended to give children in developing nations access to online resources through low-cost laptops – but due to limited accessibility and inadequate network infrastructure in many nations it did not meet its goals.

Overall, the ideal information technology solution is one which is easily accessed and provides users with maximum benefits – this may include being able to communicate across borders easily, offering convenient educational resources or encouraging innovation and creativity.

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