Mental wellness encompasses managing emotions, managing stress levels, and developing coping mechanisms. Additionally, this encompasses healthy lifestyle habits like getting enough restful sleep and engaging in regular physical exercise. People living with mental illness can lead fulfilling lives if they adhere to an effective treatment plan that may include psychotherapyContinue Reading

On the 6th of November 2020, King Von was shot dead, everyone thought it was a rumor initially. His close pals later confirmed the news. All of his fans and other friends were in shock. His death occurred just one week after the release of ‘Welcome to O’Block’ his newContinue Reading

At the time of writing the Constitution, the Founders desired to strike a balance between a national government that had sufficient power to work properly but not so much that it would lead to domination. They never wanted a government like the British monarchy, where the king has the authorityContinue Reading

Definition of linearization formula When it comes to mathematics, the linearization formula is used to find a linear approximation to a function. The first-order Taylor expansion around the point of interest is a linear approximation of a function. This is a crucial approximation to many popular numerical techniques like Euler’sContinue Reading

There are various factors which prevent individuals from accessing formal finance, such as the inability to offer collateral and ineffective unit economics of large financial institutions. But solutions are on the horizon, with advances in data science, new initiatives from the Government of India, and changing consumer behaviour creating opportunitiesContinue Reading

The number of technology of education deals has been steadily rising since 2010, but the first two quarters of 2014 and 2015 were outliers. Deals have averaged about 30 per quarter since 2010, and a four-quarter moving average smooths out the swings. Nevertheless, there are some key factors to considerContinue Reading