Auto Car Buyers’ Guide to Auto Transmissions

One of the key decisions when shopping for a new car is choosing between manual and automatic transmissions. A manual requires you to shift gears manually while an automatic does it automatically.

A traditional gearstick is typically located between the front seats, featuring the PRNDS layout: P for park, R for reverse and N for neutral.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles (AV) refers to cars that operate without human control; the Society of Automotive Engineers defines six levels of automation for these AVs ranging from Level 0 (fully manual) to Level 5 (full autonomy).

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) utilize sensors located throughout their bodies to sense their surroundings, as well as video cameras to read road signs, follow other vehicles, and identify pedestrians. Radar sensors measure nearby vehicle positions while Lidar (light detection and ranging) sensors bounce pulses of light off objects to measure distance and identify lane markings.

Autonomous cars hold immense promise to improve safety, efficiency, and convenience. For instance, they could significantly decrease congestion by allowing people to travel faster in groups; reduce fuel consumption and air pollutants by shifting personal driving towards ride sharing/shuttle fleets; or give those with physical limitations the independence necessary for participation in the workforce.

Car and Driver

Car and Driver has long been revered as an authoritative voice on automobiles through their 10Best lists, providing education and impacting the automotive world with content. Although initially their main focus was on sports and performance cars, Car and Driver now appeals to a broader audience.

Car and Driver offers articles organized by vehicle body style. In-depth buying guides are also provided to those searching for their ideal automobile.

Car and Driver offers its app as a complimentary gift to active print subscribers, enabling users to share content via social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr with friends and share images directly from your gallery for upload and sharing.

Car and Driver magazine was first published in 1955 as an American publication by Hearst Magazines and currently features road tests, international coverage of road racing events such as stock car racing, technical reports, personalities profiles and product information. Based in Ann Arbor Michigan with 75 employees the magazine enjoys global distribution.

U.S. News & World Report

Automotive technology has seen tremendous advances over the past decades. Car manufacturers continue to introduce new models in order to remain competitive while using their technological knowledge to develop better body, chassis, engine, drivetrain systems, control systems, safety features and emission-control devices.

US News and World Report, established in 1933, is a weekly American newsmagazine known for its annual list of rankings on colleges, graduate schools, hospitals and many other topics. As a division of Mortimer Zuckerman Media Company it carries an overall Left-Center bias rating on AllSides Media Bias Rating, but excels in factual reporting due to appropriate sourcing methods and an impeccable fact check record.

Since 2007, U.S. News has conducted an automotive ratings system designed to assist Americans in selecting the perfect cars for them. These rankings showcase top vehicles across 30 classes of cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans; as well as safety and reliability data. While leasing has become an increasingly popular form of financing a car purchase, numbers indicate that American don’t gravitate toward more costly models found at auto shows.

Motor Trend

Motor Trend has earned a reputation for its thorough vehicle comparisons and rankings, including sedans, SUVs and electric vehicles. Their rankings provide readers with essential information to help make informed choices that suit their lifestyle needs best. Motor Trend also features articles for automotive enthusiasts including track tests and performance modifications; its website also provides additional resources such as car comparison tools and real-world fuel economy testing for prospective auto buyers.

Established in 1949, Automobile magazine quickly established itself as an authoritative source for automobile information. Best known for their road test coverage – providing readers with insight into performance aspects of new vehicles being released onto the market – Car of the Year awards are also highly coveted. Their blog site enjoys widespread social media following and features news about new vehicle arrivals, reviews and tips on going green; quotes auto loans information photos specifications recalls and rebate details are also invaluable resources for automotive enthusiasts.

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