Milan Street Style in Italia During Fashion Week

Milan Street Style in Italia During Fashion Week

The fall/winter of the decade in Milan, Italy promises to bring us plenty of exciting fashion trends. As the name connotes, Milan is one of the world’s most fashion-forward cities. This year promises to be particularly exciting, as designers put their best foot forward. From women’s clothing to men’s, Milan fashion continues to set the fashion world ablaze with innovative designs. From spring fashion shows to fall fashion weeks, Milan fashion seems to have something to offer everyone.

The Milanese fashion week of November was particularly noteworthy with the recent security threats dominating the news. However, either the shows which debut their new collections or the street fashion celebrities who attended them failed to disappoint this season. Milan fashion is not about to slow down any time soon. While the focus this year was on women’s and men’s fashion, we cannot overlook the importance of womens’ fashion apparel for fall.

As the name implies, the Milan street style of this year was all about women’s street clothing. New collection after new collection was launched, offering a variety of colors, shapes, styles and cuts. It was refreshing to see various celebrities and fashion icons featured on the runway and showing off these amazing pieces. With the popularity of celebrity weddings, it was a real eye catcher to see the many famous faces of pop culture walking down the red carpet for Milan fashion week.

As mentioned above, this was an important Milan street style looks for women. And the most popular must have for women was the short dresses which were all the rage this year. A lot of thought went into the designing of these dresses, as to whether they would compliment a woman’s body shape and style or not. In general, it was very well done and looked elegant enough to be worn to a wedding or even a black-tie event. The short dresses were flattering to look at and flaunted by any women.

Next up in this year’s Milan street style looks for women were skirts with plunging necklines. These skirts were created keeping in mind the number of straps that could be added or removed to accessorize the outfit. They were comfortable and laid back. This kind of a dress would definitely suit those looking to capture the best of everything this fashion week has to offer. If it is too much of a dress that is going to overwhelm you, then don’t panic, as there was plenty more on the floor for you to choose from.

Short dresses are probably the most popular among women this season. With the upcoming spring/summer fashion months, there will be a greater emphasis on long dresses and sweaters as Milan fashion week continues. Short skirts, tank tops and cropped jackets have been topping the list of most popular choices among fashionistas all over the world. With the trend toward short and simple clothing items, it has made Milan street style even more accessible to everyone.

Besides the traditional long gowns, women this season have also experimented with dresses that come in many different shapes and colors. Colorful patterns and prints are worn this spring and summer. The most common choices among women are combinations of red, yellow and green. Women can opt to wear bold printed shirts with dark suits, or they can choose a color-coordinated blouse with a colorful skirt. For the women who have a little more money to spend, they can opt to buy dresses in jewel tones such as black, silver, copper and other metallic hues. Whatever the women decide to wear this Milan fashion week, they are sure to make heads turn as soon as they enter the room.

If it was the past couple of years that we had to adapt to this Italian fashion month, this year’s edition promises to be even better. Fashion experts have said that the new designs will have a very different feel compared to previous editions. With everything being so new, it is expected that the designs this year will stand out from the rest. Milan fashion weeks has become an international phenomenon and every year, the city sees a new face on the block.

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