A Brief History of the VW Beetle

A Brief History of the VW Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle continues to be a classic car. It is a vehicle with practicality and design that has stood the test of time. They are fun, affordable and have a long list of loyalists. As a result, there are so many VW Beetle accessories available in stock right now for late VW Beetles, early VW Bugs and even VW Super Beetles.

According to Car and Driver magazine, there are now more than twenty-two million pre-owned VW Beetles on the road in the United States. These cars were redesigned and released in the United States in VW’s original homeland, Europe. The Beetles received minor aesthetic changes, such as new taillights, headlights and emblems. Some models gained power, increased handling and had more refined engines. Since these debut models didn’t receive a full break from the European car market, they can be considered stock models by many.

As the VW Beetle was redesigned for the North American market in revised form, it retained its front wheel drive and two door model. However, some of the other changes included an extended hood that dropped down past the original Beetle’s hoodline, a longer wheelbase, and a new body style that sported a unique, innovative design. These changes made the beetle one of the most practical and successful model ever launched by Volkswagen.

The Beetle’s innovative design was meant to “do something new,” according to Bill Weber, VW’s director of product planning. VW began designing “concept vehicles” to gauge what kinds of changes would attract the customer base they needed to keep the brand alive and well in North America. This ultimately led to the successful release of the volkswagen beetles, known as the VW Beetle, as a cultural phenomenon.

Today, with such a wide variety of vehicles available from VW, it is difficult to keep up with the constant innovation and styling of the VW Beetle, Tatraalli, or any other model. In addition to its radical redesign and styling, the VW Beetle experienced major production gains. Production began in June of 1963 and continued through the end of the decade. These gains gave VW a significant advantage over other manufacturers when compared in manufacturing and sales. It also served as inspiration for the subsequent generations of baja bug enthusiasts.

Baja Bug enthusiasts love the VW Beetle, as it has quickly become a favorite among them. However, as with many of VW’s designs, the modern VW Beetle is more than just a hot rod. In fact, many enthusiasts consider the Beetle to be one of the best examples of an “entry level” car. With this in mind, you will often find young drivers and even some seniors driving a VW Beetle. In addition to being considered a beginner vehicle, the VW Beetle is also known for its low profile. In fact, many VW enthusiasts refer to the car as “dud” because it is so low to the ground; yet surprisingly, the VW Beetle manages to maintain its high level of handling even when it is much higher.

The popularity of VW Beetles and other VW designs has given rise to many new websites dedicated solely to the study of these cars. In addition to the traditional sites devoted to VW Beetles, many people now choose to explore their passion even further by creating their own personal websites devoted to their love of VW Beetles. As you might imagine, these sites offer a great deal of information for people interested in finding out everything they can about the VW Beetle, including articles on everything from history of the car to how to care for it.

Since the advent of the VW Beetle, Volkswagen has been able to establish a firm foothold as one of the most recognizable car brands in the world. In fact, many people prefer the VW Beetle to the more traditional mainstream models such as the Ford Focus, Honda Civic, or Toyota Prius. As you can see, the VW Beetle is a unique vehicle that combines class with practicality. For this reason, the advent of the internet has allowed enthusiasts a new venue in which to discuss all aspects of this classic car, from those of us who are very familiar with it to those who have only seen it on TV. While the car may no longer be available for sale, it’s guaranteed to never go out of style.

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