Definition of Auto

Automobiles are machines equipped with engines, four wheels, and passenger seating used for transportation. While previously powered by horses or mules, automobiles now can operate autonomously on their own power.

AUTO is the combination of Greek prefix “auto” and Latin word “mobils.” To learn more, refer to Wiktionary, the free dictionary.


Auto is defined as any car using an internal combustion engine to transport passengers around. A hybrid or electric vehicle powered by batteries and fuel cells are perhaps the most practical options available today.

Auto is also used as a slang term to refer to motorcycles, scooters or mopeds, with its popularity increasing as car sales decline.

An outstanding example is the Tesla Model S, an elegant luxury automobile available in three variants – coupe, cabriolet or convertible.

Auto is more than just the name of an amazing gadget – it also stands for Automotive Technology, an abbreviation which has become more frequent in modern communications. The term is an acknowledgement to the automotive industry whose cutting-edge tech advances are shaping better transportation in the long run; over two dozen times auto has been mentioned either in news articles or crossword puzzles!


Auto is a combination of Greek “autos,” which translates to self, and Latin “mobilis,” meaning moveable – together this denotes any vehicle which runs on its own power and doesn’t rely on horses to pull it along its route.

This word’s origins remain obscure, although its usage can be traced back to the Middle Ages when it referred to a horse-drawn cart.

Modern English has adopted it into such words as automotive and autopilot, while it can also be used to describe a type of drawing.

An outline is the act of outlining an element within a drawing in order to define or emphasize it. An outline may be lighter or darker in value depending on its relevance, sometimes even crossing over with content from elsewhere within or overlapping its borders.


Auto refers to anything that functions autonomously without human input, often associated with technology and especially automobile manufacturing.

Self-driving cars and automatic transmissions on motor vehicles fall within this definition.

Word-forming element that refers to “self, one’s own, by or of oneself”, especially as used in 1895 in “automobile”, from Greek autos (“self,” same), which was commonly found as an ancient Greek linguistic element used for word formation.

Auto-technology can be found across numerous fields; it is frequently employed as an acronym. Common examples of its usage can be seen in text messages from banks, computing firms, educational facilities, governmental bodies, health industries and so forth.


Synonyms and antonyms are words with similar meaning to another, while synonyms and antonyms have opposite ones. Antonyms can help prevent repetitions of one word while keeping its original meaning unchanged in a sentence.

Auto is an umbrella term describing something or someone that operates automatically, be it a machine performing its task without human input, or someone acting autonomously.

Auto is also an abbreviation for automobile, which refers to any vehicle which operates under its own power without needing horses to pull it along the roads.

Auto is a word derived by combining two Greek prefixes – aut-, which stands for self, with Latin verb movilis, which translates to moving. Today’s automobiles typically run on electricity.

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