Auto Accessories You Should Have in Your Tool Kit

Auto accessories have many purposes: from increasing vehicle aesthetics to providing safety and comfort.

Hydraulic jacks come in handy when you have a flat tire while tool kits provide essential car repair tools. A Bluetooth transmitter provides hands-free calling on mobile phones.

Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic Jacks are mechanical devices designed to lift heavy objects with relatively minimal force applied by their human operators, using fluid power to multiply that force applied.

Hydraulic jacks use two cylinders to generate the necessary force to raise your car. The larger cylinder has more surface area than its counterpart, resulting in greater potential force. They work in conjunction with a pump system to produce sufficient pressure.

To use a hydraulic jack effectively, first fill it with oil. Once full, move the handle up or down to raise or lower the ram – this feature is especially handy when changing tires or working underneath your vehicle.

Similarly, jacks feature an indicator light to provide feedback about the state of its hydraulic system. When red flashes on this light, that signifies the pump has failed and may have an issue resulting from lack of flow in its structure – it may have come loose and is no longer being distributed correctly through the pump structure.

Tool Kit

Tool kits can make tracking assets in your organization much simpler. For instance, an electrical kit that requires certain types of insulated tools to complete its task could assign maintenance tasks on all tools within that kit to one individual; they would then have access to their My Tasks section and be reminded when maintenance tasks are due and receive proper attention.

Strapped to your hip or stored away in your glove box, a multitool is an indispensable asset that keeps knives, pliers and screwdrivers at your fingertips for any task that may arise in daily life. From repairing drywall to installing crown molding quickly and safely on ladder surfaces – using one makes life much simpler!

Bluetooth Transmitter

Bluetooth transmitters allow you to easily connect devices with digital or analog output to Bluetooth-capable speakers, sound bars and headphones. Once connected, audio signals from the device can be wirelessly sent over to its respective Bluetooth receiver where they will be converted back into audio signals by this receiver and played back as audio for you to hear.

Search for a transmitter or receiver that supports multiple codecs, specifically SBC and aptX for optimal audio quality. In addition, one with low latency may ensure audio matches the screen image seamlessly.

Another thing to keep an eye out for when selecting a transmitter is its interference tolerance. If you plan on using it in a car, make sure it will stay connected even in areas with significant Wi-Fi interference. The best Bluetooth transmitters use frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology which rapidly changes transmission frequencies so eavesdroppers won’t easily gain access to your audio files.

Dashboard Video Camera

Dash cams can be invaluable tools in many circumstances. In particular, should you find yourself involved in an accident with another driver, they can show exactly what occurred and who was at fault, potentially saving time and hassle when filing insurance claims later on.

Not only can these devices serve as proof, they also come equipped with many additional features – GPS tracking and cloud video management (which free up space on your camera), while some even feature infrared cameras for night recording!

Wedge-shaped cameras can be installed directly onto your windshield, while others attach to the rear view mirror or dashboard. The most discreet models feature slim designs so as not to stick out like sore thumb on your car’s windshield.

Some cameras come equipped with built-in GPS functionality while others require you to connect an external GPS unit. Cameras equipped with built-in GPS can record your speed and location as you drive – this can prove particularly helpful should an accident occur.

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