7-Day Clean Eating Diet

7-Day Clean Eating Diet

The 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge will help you get a stronger body by providing you with certain challenges throughout the week to eat healthier. Just say, clean eating means consuming whole, raw, minimally processed and unprocessed foods – those just as close to how nature provides. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Well, it really is!

Before getting started on your new lifestyle of eating clean, it would probably be wise to follow one of the other programs that are designed for people just like you. For starters, the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet is a safe and effective cleansing program. However, it will not change your life or make you lose weight the way the 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge will. In fact, it’s much more simple and effective.

For the first challenge of the 7-day clean eating challenge, the “eat clean meals” will give you an idea of what foods you can consume on a daily basis and which ones should be avoided at all costs. This is a great way to find out which food groups you should start eating healthier, which ones contain little or no sugar, which are good for your health, etc. Your ultimate goal should be to avoid any food groups that are high in fat and cholesterol. But remember, there’s no such thing as a bad meal – it’s whether or not you take the next meal.

The “eat clean eating challenge” continues as you continue the program by continuously testing and adjusting your eating habits and gradually adding healthy foods back into your diet. It’s a good idea to include foods that you may not be used to such as organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, sprouts, and beans. And this is important – it’s not only about losing weight, it’s also about improving your health and being a better caregiver.

The biggest pitfall to eating healthy is just not knowing which foods are good and which aren’t. You’ll get into trouble if you try to eat all kinds of different “healthy” foods all at once. It’s best to plan out a few different healthy meals a day and have one “treat” day where you choose foods from that list. You’re already on your way!

Also, this type of challenge would be impossible without an excellent health coach. One reason why you need a health coach for this type of challenge is that it’s much too easy to slip up and eat unhealthy foods when you’re not physically at the office or while you’re on the road. Therefore, having a health coach will help keep you on track and will help you avoid temptation. In addition to having a great dietitians and support group to call on when you have cravings or just need some ideas on how to change your behavior, having a health coach with you during the 7-day clean eating challenge will also help you stay motivated throughout the entire challenge.

To help motivate you through the challenge, have your friends and family give you their honest opinion on how much they can eat, how many times they think you can eat, and other helpful feedback. Let them know that you’re working on a dietitian’s recommendation of foods you can eat and that there are certain times of the day that certain foods are better than others for helping with weight loss. When you’re eating healthy foods, you’ll find it easier to stay focused and stick to your goals. If you think you can eat your favorite foods all day long, you probably can. However, having clear feedback from friends and family will help keep you from overindulging.

The final step of the 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge is to write down your completed meal plan and eat the recommended amounts each day. You may want to do this in the morning, right before you go to bed, or somewhere that’s private and easy to do. If you use a notebook, make sure you write down what you ate so that you can see what foods you’re actually eating and reduce the temptation of simply eating foods that you know you shouldn’t be eating.

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