Fabulous Looking Fashions

Fabulous Looking Fashions

Brilliant Looks: A beautiful woman in a beautiful dress makes for a brilliant look. And I have to say, that is what we spotted at the Lakme Fashion Week this year. That is what made us so excited. And it certainly did not disappoint! The collection featured a beautiful dress worn by Valentina Giralda, which truly drew our attention. The rest of the collection featured clothes that are not just stunning looking, but comfortable to wear as well.

Comfortable Clothing: It was totally refreshing to see so many clothes that are so relaxed and comfy. You could even wear them to work! Try them on and you will realize how great these pieces of clothing are. From their ultra-plush cotton fleece jackets to the softest of silk shirts, all of these are the perfect style to wear on cool winter evenings. From fall through spring, you can look absolutely perfect.

Perfect Fit: Another thing that really attracted our attention was the perfect fit. Everything was perfectly fitted, from the sweater to the jeans. It was as if each item of clothing was made to compliment one another. From the cardigans to the dresses, every piece was designed to be a perfect fit.

Flowing Style: The flowing style is another one of the stand out trends. We spotted a beautiful dress at the Lakme Fashion Week that had the slightest of ruffles at the hem. It was just enough to catch our attention, but there was more. In fact, we couldn’t wait to get out our own and play with it. As soon as we got home, however, we took a closer look.

Classic Look: One of the things that we love about Classic Plus size clothing is its timeless elegance. The dresses looked perfect for the occasion and the accessories were perfect as well! From the delicate and elegant blouses to the beautiful purses, everything was just perfect. It was difficult not to feel a sense of femininity in the atmosphere. After all, it was the perfect place to wear our sweetest dresses!

Versatile: There was one other thing that we noticed at the event that was a real positive for Plus size women! They were also able to wear almost any season. It was quite surprising to see this because before, no Plus size designer was willing to let go of their seasonal lines.

Amazing Hairstyles: The beautiful hair styles were simply breathtaking! From the sleek pixie cuts to the long layered looks, everyone looked fantastic! From the short skirts to the long sleek pony tails, the women were really enjoying their time at the event. The ladies even managed to keep their celebrity faces while looking fashionable.

It wasn’t surprising that the celebrities were attracted to the event. What was surprising though, was how the crowd also looked like a team. From the fashion weeks around the world to the International Festival of Fashion, the competition was stiff but well attended. The Brilliant Looks We Spotted At The Lakme Fashion Week truly was a fashion week like no other!

The crowd was beautifully coiffed, and everyone had on the same colour and eyes. There were several of us who had an exact similar shade of brown hair! It was as if we all came from the same family, or indeed all of us looked alike! That was the beauty of it all; everyone looking just like each other, which only added to the spectacular effect. The fact that the fashion weeks are held internationally also helped.

From our friends who were travelling from Great Britain, it was clear that they all had the same look alike! This was great for us as we all happened to be from the same part of the world too. It made everything so much easier for us to compare our styles, and even talk about what our inspirations were! Even our hair stylists were absolutely stunned by some of the fabulous styles that everyone else had at the event.

Everyone looked smashing, and even though the weather was not the best, the looks were still amazing! Different strokes for different folks! It is great to be able to wear something different once in a while and see how everybody reacts to it, and even better when you get to tell them how you did it! The only person who really had a bad day was me, because I failed to score as perfectly as everyone else!

It is always great to be able to go out and look stunning, and if you do your research, you will find plenty of options to do so! The fashion weeks will only grow more popular in future years, and we all know that everyone wants to be seen at these events! The next time you want to look like a celebrity, why not try something that everybody else is wearing?

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